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St Peter's Primary School, Ross Road, Belfast

Keeping Parents Informed

It is our aim to involve you, the parent/guardian, as much as we can in the education of your children and to keep you updated as much as we can about your children's progress. 

Initially parents are invited to the school for a pre admission meeting with the principal and the class teacher. This occurs in late May/early June. There are two further meetings with the class teacher regarding Baseline Assessment and the Curriculum early in the first term. 

Every year thereafter there is a year group curriculum meeting for parents early in the first term to keep you up to date and informed.

Later in the Autumn term, there is a formal parent/teacher interview with your child's class teacher to discuss individual progress. You will be notified of this at the time and we will try our upmost to accommodate parents to ensure you can attend. A written report will be sent out in the third term. 

If any issues arise at other points in the year the class teacher will contact you to discuss these. The teacher/ school will never make decisions about your child's education without discussing these and obtaining consent.