Meet The Staff


We would like to introduce you to some of our staff


Mrs. P. Alexander:   Principal

Mr. D. Laverty:          Primary 7 Teacher, Acting Vice Principal, Maths Co-ordinator, Extended Schools Co-ordinator, Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mrs M. Morgan:         Primary 6/7 Teacher, RE Coordinator

Miss N. Malone:        Primary 6 Teacher 

Mrs. S. Mc Kee:         Primary 5 Teacher, 

Mrs L. Murray:          Primary 5 Teacher

Mr P.Mooney:            Primary 4 Teacher, Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs Mc Grath :            Primary 4 Teacher

Mrs K.Best:                 Primary 3 Teacher

Mrs B. Hyndman/      Primary 3 Teacher, TWAU coordinator(Job Share)

Miss Mallon:                Primary 3 Teacher (Job Share)

Mrs E. Mc Clean:         Primary 2 Teacher

Mrs J. Mc Ardle:          Primary 2 Teacher, ICT Coordinator

Mrs. A. O’Kane:           Primary 2 Teacher, Activity Based Learning Co-ordinator, Leader of Assessment, target setting and whole school improvement

Mrs. P. Toner:              Primary 1 Teacher

Mrs. R. Mc Laughlin:  Primary 1 Teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Deputy Teacher for Child Protection

Miss F. Devlin:            Support Teacher for Literacy

Assistants :                M. Mooney, T Mc Elhill, M. Mc Cabe, H. Mc Cabe, A. Donelly, M.Downey, N. Mc Kee, E. Owens, M. Toland, J.Mc Clean

Secretary:                    Mrs. S. Matassa 

Building Supervisor:  Mr.G.Devine